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Laptop and PC Repair

shutterstock_78284086Here at Tech Repaired we strive to give you the best service at an affordable cost.  Our technicians offer a local service and will either fix your pc or laptop on the spot or take it away for repair. Once its been repaired we will deliver it back to you when its fixed!

We won’t baffle you with technical jargon, our technicians will explain the issue in plain english. Don’t forget that you are in control at every step of the way, we’ll always get your permission before carrying out an extra work.

We’ve been fixing laptops and computers since the early 2000’s , so rest assured you’re in safe hands! Contact us today.


Our Services Include:


Laptop /PC Upgrades:

We have access to a huge range of hardware and software, all at a great prices. If you’re looking to upgrade your PC or Laptop then we can offer you impartial advice and help make the process easier for you. Most of the time you don’t need to go out and buy a new system, you can recondition your current system and save your time and money too.

Laptop /PC Repair:

There are many problems that can arise with a laptop or PC. Luckily, over the last 12 years we’ve gained the experience to find the root cause and offer you a solution.

Speed Up You Laptop /PC:

Has your computer suddenly started to run really slow? Are you wanting to get it running like when you first bought it? Frustrated at the time it takes to do anything??? We have a wide range of service that can help speed up your system, today! Our clean-up and optimization techniques have been tried and tested on thousands of systems,  so don’t waste anymore time struggling with a slow system.

Virus, Trojan and Spyware Removal

There are millions of malicious viruses, trojans and spyware out there. If your computer or laptop has become infected we can help to remove them swiftly and securely. We can advise you about protecting yourself from malicious bugs and help to keep your computer secure from any potential risks.

Wi-Fi / Internet Issues

Nearly everyone has an issue with their internet and Wi Fi at some point. Does your internet has constant connection and speed issues? Is your Wi-Fi signal poor?  Then we might be able to help. Usually the issues are down to a hardware setup or fault and we can advise you on the best solution or provide you with a fix.


If you’re looking  to setup a home network but don’t know where to start, our technicians can help! We can help with setup, installation and configuration to make sure you getting the most out of your network. Our engineers have setup countless home networks so you’ll be in safe hands.

Looking For Other Services?

We have covered a wide range of IT services over the past 12 years. So if you’re looking for a service that isn’t list – get in touch and we’re sure we’ll be able to !