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iPhone Screen Repair

Repairing Your Faulty iPhone Screen


Millions of us now own an Apple iPhone either in one model or another, and with this super smartphone being so versatile it’s become such a big part of our daily lives And so the iPhone is sure to take a bit of a battering throughout every day. One of the concerns users of this device have is the screen breaking, cracking, staining or smearing and needing a replacement.


We can repair your iPhone back glass by replacing it quickly, expertly and have your device looking like new once more. So many iPhones suffer from misuse or accidental dropping. The devices are small and often slip out of our hands and tumble to the floor. It’s not difficult to damage the glass that covers your mobile phone, but rest assured we can help.


Our Current iPhone Screen Replacement Prices

iPhone 3G From £15

iPhone 4/S Front Screen =  £50

iPhone 4/S Back Screen –  £25

iPhone 5C Screen =  £85

iPhone 5S Screen =  £90

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The iPhone does so much for us that is really does get used excessively, so the chances of you needing someone to repair your iPhone glass is more likely than ever. That’s where we come in; you can get your cracked, split or damaged screen on your iPhone repaired and looking like new again by an organisation that knows all about the iPhone.


We specialize in iPhone repair and can replace back covers that have hairline splits, front glass repair, back glass replacement, and even replace your iPhone battery if it has just given up you after you have used drained for too long. We specialize in repairing the iPhone 3, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5s & 5c’s.


You’d also be surprised at how many users manage to damage the home key or the on/off button at the side. Often attempts to get the back glass cover off to reset the battery result in users taking the iPhone apart incorrectly. Let’s face it we have all done it tried to repair something to help save money but its ended up costing more in the long run. Don’t take that chance, you’re iPhone is used almost like a third hand, so make sure that when repairing your phone: cheap isn’t always the best option.


If you need to repair a cracked Apple iPhone then don’t hesitate to call in the experts, someone that knows how to repair an iPhone, and someone that understands how frustrating it is when your phone isn’t working properly. That someone is Tech Repaired, and we can also provide a door to door service! and if your iPhone repair is straightforward our engineers can fix the issue without having to take your phone away to the repair centre.


The iPhone repair service we offer is both affordable and quick and you’ll have your favourite device back and working in no time at all.


Call us today on 01422 255309 / 07974 885565