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iPhone 6 Release – Issues Round Up

By on Nov 15, 2014 in Blog, News | 0 comments

The iPhone 6 and 6 plus have been released for all major services! Now here’s the controversy surrounding the iPhone 6 launch: How do we get our hands on one? It seems that every single year the tech mammoth Apple has created their own manufactured scarcity. This has created a complete slew of issues and confusion for many people aspiring to get an iPhone! We will go over some below.

I Have Pre-Ordered an Iphone, But Still Do Not Have One

There are many people who have pre-ordered an iPhone but have yet to receive one. To complicate matters, the iPhone 6 Plus is even more illusive than it’s iPhone 6 counterpart. When people go into their local retail store to pre-order an iPhone they usually put down a deposit of 30 pounds or more. When they get to the store, however, they’ll see that most of the pre-orders are gone, and in fact, there simply aren’t enough iPhones to meet the demand!

Bend But Don’t Break?

Many phone enthusiasts are posting Youtube videos of the iPhone’s “bendability”. The results have not been pretty. Many people report that when they put their iPhone through a light bending test, their phones are permanently warped. This is a far cry from the old iPhones that were known to be one of the most durable phones on the market. To make matters worse, there are many accidental bend tests in which people who wear skinny jeans or tight pants are seeing the iPhones bend from simply being in their pockets!

This is due to the new design. The iPhone is no longer the compact, hand companion that it once was. It is now being scaled larger for entertainment purposes. However, in its quest to become an entertainment phone like the Galaxy S5 or the LG Flex, it’s reputation as the top manufactured hardware has now taken a slight hit.

iOS 8 Bugs

iOs 8 has not really lived up to expectations. Many people are not noticing the differences between the iOS 7 and iOS 8. In fact, many people regret upgrading their phone due to the slew of issues that are accompanied with upgrading their operating system. Some of the problems with the new operating system include (but are not limited to):

  • Users reporting loss of service
  • Cellular data usage while receiving text or picture messages
  • Loss of Touch ID access
  • Blocked uploading from Safari

Furthermore, some people have problems even uploading to iOS 8 in the first place. For instance, many people who wanted to upgrade their operating system to the new iPhone had to delete a massive amount of pictures and videos just to make room for the new iOS 8 update as it required over 4 GB of memory to be free. Considering that 16 GB only truly offers 13.5 GB of free space initially, many people found it hard to find space and may had to pass on the upgrade all together.

In the end, Apple’s iPhone 6 release has gotten off to a rough start. Their new operating system has not made the positive impact that iOS 7 did, however, the engineers are working hard and hope to succeed in the future!

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