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A Brief History Of The iPhone Series – iPhone 5S

By on Sep 5, 2014 in Blog | 0 comments

download (1)In September 2013, Apple released both this model, the iPhone 5S and another cheaper model in the iPhone 5c. The 5S is the very latest and most powerful smartphone on the market today. Sure, the iPhone 6 will be out soon and may well be with us by the time you have read this but for now the 5S is an Apple flagship device that really is all-singing and all-dancing.

The phone keeps that very similar funky design to its predecessor, apart from a new home button design using a sapphire cover cut with a laser during production. You will also see a tiny metal ring around the home button which gives it emphasis and importance – if only aesthetically.

But it does not just look great but it does actually do stuff no other smartphone has done in the past: it has touch identification – a sort of fingerprint recognition system that will allow no other user (friend or foe) to get their grubby mitts on your iPhone 5S and start updating your Facebook status with silly and embarrassing face-raped comments. It will also come in handy should any one else (a thief or pickpocket) try and use your super new iPhone.

Also under the lid is the introduction of the A7 dual-core processor; and for those of you who are thinking that is just geek-speak, it means the phone is the first to have a 64-bit processor to be used on a smartphone. Furthermore, it is accompanied by the M7 “motion co-processor”, a dedicated processor for turning motion data from its accelerometer and gyroscopes without requiring the attention of the main processor. In layman’s terms it means your processor is not going to be working overtime to perform these functions, therefore allowing the smartphone to run at super-fast, efficient and dynamic speeds. It was also the first iPhone to come with the latest version of the iOS mobile operating system, iOS 7, which gave us a brand new, sparkling visual graphic appearance and other top of the range novel features.

The iPhone 5S got a great reception from Apple fans and sold over 9 million devices in the very first weekend of its release. However, these figures did include the 5c sales as well, but the 5S did actually sell more than the 5C. But it is that fingerprint scanner technology that has the entire world talking about the iPhone 5S.


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