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A Brief History Of The iPhone Series – iPhone 5C

By on Sep 2, 2014 in Blog | 0 comments

downloadWhen Apple developed this successor to the iPhone 5, it was released at the same time as another high-end Apple iPhone product – the iPhone 5S. The iPhone 5c is the first from Apple to come out as a twin-set release.

When the iPhone 5C and 5S came out, Apple stopped producing the iPhone 5. Therefore anyone wanting an iPhone 5 would have to choose between the 5c or 5S models. There was not a great deal of difference and most of the upgrades within these two latest models were largely invisible to the naked eye, iPhone fans still wanted to get either of these two models in their collection.

So what is under the lid? The iPhone 5C is a phone that runs on the very latest Apple iOS operating system, iOS7. However, when you actually take a closer look at the hardware on the iPhone 5C, it really does not look any different from the iPhone 5. One of the first things you will have noticed with the 5C is the improved battery life. Powering up an iPhone 5 from dead to 100 per cent would take around two hours and ten minutes on average. The iPhone 5C will achieve this task in about one hour and 45 minutes. The 5C also seems to be able to run and handle apps without draining the battery down at alarmingly rapid rates.

There is no doubt the iPhone 5c has a sister (or brother) in the 5S that it does not quite reach to certain standards. For example, when you shoot video in the 5S you can actually slow down the playback to slow motion – something the 5C does not have on its video feature.

The 5C model was always peddled by Apple to be a mid-range model that could be easily affordable for those that don’t have the wealth to buy the 5S flagship device. In the US, the iPhone 5c can be picked up for just $99 if you go on to a contract or $549 if you buy the phone out of any contract. Compare those prices to the flagship device model of the iPhone 5S which will cost you a staggering $199 if you want a contract and some $649 if you wish to purchase off-contract.

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