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A Brief History Of The iPhone Series – iPhone 5

By on Aug 30, 2014 in Blog | 0 comments

The sixth generation of the Apple smartphone flagship mobile was the iPhone 5. Another touch screen that came out and succeeded the iPhone 4 S, the iPhone 5 was unveiled in September

As far as the design changes were concerned, there were some notable changes. Subtle differences that the iPhone aficionado would certainly have noticed straight away; the base body chassis was made of aluminum and was somewhat lighter than its predecessor. It also has a taller screen and a much-improved aspect ratio.

Apple started taking orders for the iPhone 5 in September 2012. In the first 24 hours beginning at midnight Eastern Standard Time (EST) on the 21st of that month, Apple took a staggering two million orders.

Indeed, there were so many iPhone fans and keen owners-to-be that demand outstripped supply. Apple intended to release the iPhone 5 exactly a week later after the pre-orders (of which payment up front was required, rather than just a pledge) but there were so many pre-orders that when the iPhone 5 was actually released physically into its stores, all of those that had pre-ordered and were allowed into the front of the queue, did not have their phones ready to collect.

As for those that had not pre-ordered there was just no way they were likely to get their hands on the iPhone 5 for several days to come after its actual physical launch date. The iPhone 5 was a magical little phone with so much more to make it a real new kid on the block.

To those iPhone fans, the 5 model was more like a new phone rather than just some upgrade that would give the user a bit more data storage space, or a bigger and better camera. The iPhone 5 was a model with a brand new, shiny, all-singing and all-dancing compact dock connector which replaced the 30-pin design we saw in previous iPhone models. This was only the second Apple phone to feature a brand new Sony manufactured 8 Mega-Pixel Camera. The predecessor of the iPhone 5, which was the iPhone 4S, of course, was the very first to include the new Sony cameras.

Failing power buttons on some devices did spoil its reputation for some but Apple quickly rolled out a warranty recall program to replace the models affected and allow the design fault to be repaired or replaced altogether.

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