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A Brief History Of The iPhone Series – iPhone 4S

By on Aug 19, 2014 in Blog | 0 comments

iphone 4s The iPhone 4S, the fifth generation in the iPhone range and yet another model that is touch screen controlled. Developed by Steve Jobs and the guys at Apple Inc (just like all the others) the iPhone 4 S was the next stage on from the iPhone 4.

It came just before the iPhone 5 and the announcement of this latest model came through media circles and technical magazine announcements during early October 2011. It was also around the same time that Steve Jobs, CEO and Apple co-founder died sending shock waves through the industry that lasted well over a month.

On October 7, just a couple of days after the death of Steve Jobs, the masses went out and pre-ordered the iPhone 4 S in their droves. Whether the death of Jobs had some kind of positive effect on sales is not known, but what can be said is that in the days just after his passing, interest in Apple products increased almost double.

It may have just been a morbid fascination but the passing of the Apple Inc co-founder really gave sales to the new iPhone 4 S a massive boost. Many newcomers were suddenly interested in buying into Apple products and let’s face it – the iPhone (regardless of which version) is the flagship device that the tech giant was always bringing out.

His death also served as a timely reminder to the world and his wife how good he was as a company SEO and technical genius. The media mourned his passing and almost made him out to be some kind of revolutionary in the field of technology and smartphones – all good news for sales then where the new iPhone 4 S is concerned.

The iPhone 4 S first came out during the early part of October 2011 and the first countries to be able pre-order were Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and of course, the United States. A staggering four million sales had been reached in a matter of hours after the iPhone 4 S went on sale.

During late October of that year the iPhone 4 S went out on sale to a further 22 countries, making it a worldwide phenomenon. Looking closely at the external design you would not see any real difference between the iPhone 4 S and its predecessor, the iPhone 4, but the 4S had upgraded to Apple’s latest chipset.

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