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A Brief History Of The iPhone Series – iPhone 4G

By on Aug 12, 2014 in Blog | 0 comments

Iapple-iphone-4-101t was during June 7th 2010 when we first got wind of Apple’s intention to launch the next stage of its iPhone and successor to the iPhone 3GS. The iPhone 4 actually had a new hardware design than the previous models. It was thin too, in fact when Steve Jobs spoke of its wonderful new design in San Francisco, he told the world you would be buying into the thinnest phone in the world.


Thin, it most certainly was. Many new owners of the iPhone 4 would rush out to purchase iPhone 4 cases just to give the phone a bit of substance and make just that little more cumbersome.


The stainless steel frame worked in two dynamic ways – one as a kind of sturdy outer shell and also acted as an antenna. The glass frontage was also a lot more solid with aluminium and silicon mixed to make a phone screen that was pretty much scratch-resistant and tougher than previous models.


After all, the amount of finger poking and rubbing we did to our smartphone screens was really wearing them down quickly. The display was also brilliant with the 326 pixels per square inch on its liquid crystal screen. We also saw the introduction of the high resolution retina display. This was where the image or a portion of text was to be highlighted and expanded, making easier for those who struggle with tiny writing.


We also saw the introduction of Apple’s Face Time video chat service where fellow iPhone 4 users could chat to one another and see one another as a free service. Another new feature was the in the camera where there was a front-facing capability. This made it easier for the user to press one icon on the screen and suddenly the camera would face the other way. This was a great way of taking pictures of oneself and we all know about the revolution this craze started, don’t we?


The craze of taking a selfie meant social media sites were becoming choc full of people taking pictures of their own face and thus launched the selfie. It was the iPhone 4 that helped this craze to really take off.


The iPhone 4 is still being produced and sold in many developing countries even today in 2014 and it holds the record as the longest time in production for any smartphone, currently four years and still counting.

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