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A Brief History Of The iPhone Series – iPhone 3

By on Jul 30, 2014 in Blog | 0 comments


In the summer of 2008 Apple released its iPhone 3, an 8GB phone with a 16GB version released at the same time. In the United States there was so much hype and publicity surrounding its release, which meant seven out of every ten people, knew about the launch of the latest smartphone to hit the streets.


To look at, the phone was very similar to its predecessor, so what was all the hype about and what improvement of the iPhone 2 did we see? The iPhone 3 had a number of hardware improvements that one could not see at first with the naked eye. For example, the assisted GPS (Global Satellite Positioning) antenna was far more powerful.


This meant iPhone 3 users would be able so surf the net and send data via GPS systems with far more power than iPhone 2 users could. Suddenly surfing the net on a smartphone became quick, fun to use and easy. Downloading material from the web also became a pleasure rather than the chore it was before. All this of course came during the stage when Wi-Fi had not become the modern everyday method of mobile web searching.


Today we can use Wi-Fi to help us search online and use the internet at breakneck speeds but when the iPhone 3 came out big companies like McDonald’s, Starbucks, J D Wetherspoons Beer and Pub chains, Costa Coffee and most railway terminals were not fitted with Wi-Fi that was free to use for its customers and members of the general public, so GPS usage was important.


The iPhone 3 was also fitted with third generation data and tri-band UMTS/HSDPA to its hardware to make it far more dynamic than any predecessor. The slogan that pushed the iPhone onto the market was “Twice as fast, for half the price.”


It was true that smartphones had come along in leaps and bounds and this revolution was going at a pace even faster than when the internet and the old mobile phones became on the market and formed part of our everyday lives.


Suddenly making calls and sending text messages were just a small part of what we were doing on our phones. We were now taking great pictures, high-definition video and surfing online and watching videos on YouTube without having the oh so annoying streaming problems that we so often encountered with earlier models on smartphones.


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