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A Brief History Of The iPhone Series – iPhone 2

By on Jul 26, 2014 in Blog | 0 comments

iphone2Cast your mind back to 2007 and try and remember all the hype that was in the newspapers, on the internet, on television and radio about the imminent release of the iPhone. The introduction of the iPhone was revolutionary in the sense that we had turned another major corner in technology that was every bit as big as the internet being part of everyday life in the 1990s and the introduction of the mobile cell phone around the same time. This was the smartphone – and the iPhone was the first of its kind.


Samsung were working on a rival to the iPhone and when the Galaxy smartphone was launched a good couple of years after the iPhone came out, there were many remarkable similarities. In fact, there were so many comparisons that the iPhone manufacturers, Apple, decided to sue Samsung for unoriginality and stealing some of the ideas that then-Apple owner Steve Jobs had commissioned.


The court case saw Apple win millions of dollars from Samsung and the fine seriously hampered operations at the South Korean technological giant. The first generation iPhone came with 8GB of data space. This may mean very little to those that own computers and smartphones today but those of us old enough to remember when we bought our first computer, data size were all-important.


You may well remember purchasing a PC which had an astonishing 2GB of space on its hard drive, but of course as time progressed we began having computers in the home that would comfortably hold up 200GB on the hard drive. So the 8GB of space that Apple placed on the first generation iPhone was rather significant in that it was rather of lot of data space for a mere cell phone.


The iPhone 2 was significant because of this very feature: its sheer size of data capacity. When the original first generation iPhone came out in the summer of 2007 we had two versions that came out on the opening day: the 4GB and the 8GB. The iPhone 2 was pretty much the same phone, only now it had a whopping 16GB packed inside it. Only a couple of years earlier our home computers were struggling to knock out this kind of data capacity and suddenly, with the release of the iPhone 2, we were blessed with 16GB inside a device one could hold comfortably within your own hand!

Such a a ground breaking phone that set the precedence for other smartphones and literally started a revolution in technology. All hail the iPhone 2! the leader of its time! There isn’t many of the iPhone 2’s around any more, so we have stopped repairing them as a service. We do however repair all other iPhone from 3GS up. Either Contact Us, or check out our iphone repair services.

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