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3 Fantastic Alternatives To The iPhone 6

By on Sep 13, 2014 in Blog | 0 comments

With all this noise about the iPhone 6 launch and its huge price tag, here’s a selection of our favourite android phones. Not only are android phones a great alternative but they are also much more cost effective.

Samsung Galaxy S5samsung_galaxy_s5_1

If you have ever bought a Samsung Galaxy product before, or even just any Samsung product, you will be more than aware of the potential of the products and the general high levels of consistency and quality that you see in every new generation of a Samsung brand line. With the Galaxy S5, you are getting more of the same – but make no mistake, it has been improved in almost every possible way.

If you liked the old Samsung Galaxy phones, then you will like this even more. It’s a fine evolution of the Galaxy brand, and brings a cleaner and more presentable phone to the market than Samsung ever has before. It’s got a nice specification sheet to begin with including 2GB of RAM and a 32GB memory to start off with, as well as one of the most colourful and enjoyable screens to look at in the entire world of mobile technology.

Not to mention the screen too much, but it has been made an impressive 5.1” now and has biometrics installed just to add that extra little bit of jazz that has been missing from previous iterations. It might not be the most unique design or have the most outrageous features you’ll ever see, but the Galaxy S5 is one of the most likeable phones on the market at present for two reasons – it’s fast and it’s got incredibly functionality.

It might not look like the phone James Bond would pick, but it’s got access to more tools than even he has. It’s bigger and it’s better than the previous iterations – so what’s not to like when it comes to the world of the Galaxy S5? If you have come to WEBSITE to find out whether or not the Galaxy S5 has tore up the formula, set it on fire and pounced all over it then you may be leaving here disappointed.

This is not a phone that rewrites what the previous versions have been about, and it does not try to grab too many extra headline by being incredibly bold. Instead, it retains an element of composure and class about it all times and gives any user who needs a quality phone that isn’t going to leave them scrambling about looking for every app and feature they cannot find. In short, this is one of the most enjoyable smartphones out there at the moment, and is more than worth a look.


LG G2 phone

indexLG are one of the premium names in the technology world, because they produce absolutely incredible TVs alongside many other great products. However, the smartphone world has been one which has been more difficult to really make a mark in for LG. While the phones have consistently been good, it’s not got that same drive and power that other popular brands can bring to the table.

However, with the LG G2 they may just have cracked open the doors to smartphone royalty. The main problem for LG in the past was the fact that they actually made the Nexus 5, one of the most enjoyable phones out there on the market at the moment. How can you compete against something that you make, but for somebody else?

Well, LG were kind enough to answer this for us by providing the LG G2. It brings a wealth of excellent features to the forefront of the smartphone that while they may be standard features, they are always put to the bottom of the list of neccesities despite being absolutely essential to a good phones lifespan and potential.

For example, the LG G2 has one of the best batteries we have seen in a phone. It’s got an incredibly battery life and can last you for incredible lengths of time depending on what you run at any given time and what you use your phone for. If you streaming movies all day then yeah you might still notice a slightly quick battery life but in comparison to other big name brands, it’s got the battery life spot on.

As well as this, it’s go an absolutely fantastic screen. You obviously want an easy to decipher and read phone screen that does not throw too many problems your way. Thankfully, the LG G2 gives you a clear and vibrant place to read all of your messages, and it’s really one of the main selling points of the phone. It might not come with access to as many apps as some of the other phones and have quite the same level of compatibility, but as far as phones go it’s pretty damn awesome.

The only two reasonable issues are the lack of a MicroSD slot card which seems like an unfortunate thing to miss out on the design list, as well as the strange button placements. You can find yourself doing a little bit of a dance with the screen to get it to stay on as you hit the wrong buttons, but other than these two minor quips it’s one of the best value phones out there on the market at the moment!


Motorola Moto G phone

motorola-unveils-moto-g-phoneOne of the best things about the smartphone market being so incredibly competitive is the massive amount of high value mobile phones you can pick up without even looking too hard. The Moto G is one of the best value phones out there at the moment, regularly seen for around about the £150 mark. This is a great price for a mobile phone in the modern environment that provides substance as well as style.

The value alone is one of the biggest selling points of the phone! It creates an incredibly ease to product that is going to be an absolute breeze to get used to. In the phone environment, the prominence of value is usually replaced by how many features you can get before you hit the high hundreds, but with the Moto G this does not seem to be the case.

Motorola have released plenty of great phones in the past so its’ not like you are going with an unproven make – they used to make some of the best. They took a little bit of time to catch up with the rest of the game again, but now they have they are regularly releasing quality phones. While lots of us buy our phone to double as a camera, the camera is not particularly great on the Moto G but it’s still more than passable for modern standards, and it makes up with this by having solid specs elsewhere.

Its performance is almost as good as its price – it’s an incredibly fast phone that can go through the menus and change apps very quickly, as well as deal with any online requests you may have. It’s a great phone to have if you need something at a good price and don’t mind trying out a brand that isn’t Apple, Samsung or HTC. The screen itself is great and easy to see, with an easy to use menu and format making it one of the most enjoyable smartphones to use.

It’s got a refresh lack of pompousness about it, which is what we like even more. It’s got not delusions about what it’s supposed to be – it’s a solid phone that acts as a phone first, with all the nice stuff added in later. If you prefer the no nonsense style that Motorola have been adopting for many years without missing out on any of the traditional features and extras that you almost need from a smartphone these days, then you should really consider picking up a Moto G.

Out of all 3 phone’s the samsung definately gets our vote, its quick, has a large screen and is very competitive in price vs the iPhone 6. Making the jump to android doesn’t need to be a big decision these days, the Google Play market is huge and the andoid market is around 70% of the smart phone market.


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